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Mẫu cv tiếng Anh cho sales

Vị trí nhân viên sales là một vị trí nhạy cảm, ngoài kiến thức, kinh nghiệm, sự nhạy bén trong bán hàng, sales còn phải có một trình độ tiếng Anh nhất định. xin chia sẻ Mẫu cv tiếng Anh cho sales, đây là tài liệu đầu tiên giúp bạn tiếp cận vị trí sales.

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Nội dung mẫu cv tiếng Anh cho sales

1. Tên và chức vụ hiện tại

Ví dụ:
Le Van Nam
Senior Business Development Manager

Mẫu cv tiếng Anh cho sales

2. Tóm tắt sự nghiệp (Career Summary)

Ví dụ:
A sales management professional with seven years' experience in the media industry, I have worked on newspaper, web and television products. I have a proven track record of developing new business and motivating a team to consistently exceed targets. I've recently completed a Masters of Business Administration and am now seeking a new professional challenge.

3. Điểm mạnh (Key Strengths)

Ví dụ:
The aim of the section is to give the person reading your resume a quick snapshot of what you have to offer in the hope they instantly place you in the short list pile. As a guide, six points is good but there is no real rule. Another tip, be specific. I see a lot of "Excellent Communication Skills" but what does that mean? Here are some examples: 
• High level computer skills including Excel, Word and Powerpoint 
• Five years experience in customer service both face to face and phone based 
• Strong business development capabilities with European experience 
• Experience developing sales and marketing collateral 
• Active toastmasters public speaker

4. Kinh nghiệm (Professional Experience)

Ví dụ:
Sales Manager
Global Web Media
May 2003 – Present
Describe the company’s main activity or focus. This is appropriate for those coming from overseas or in cases where the company might be largely unknown. Organisations like IBM, News Limited, Suncorp or the big banks, to name a few examples, will need no explanation. 

Key responsibilities 
Provide detailed summary of the role’s key responsibilities and accountabilities. Do not go for the longest list, be concise and to the point. Try not to include the obvious i.e. – to meet sales targets. 
• Develop and execute sales strategies 
• Maintain and strengthen a large portfolio of clients 
• Coach, mentor and motivate sales team 
• Manage sales budgets and set targets 

Key achievements 
o Closed major deals and followed up senior business relationships with Universal McCann, Columbia Pictures, Starcom and Viacom 
• Named employee of the Year 2004.

Business Development Executive
D&D Media, Ho Chi Minh City
Feb 2001 – April 2003

Key responsibilities 
• Develop relationships across targeted accounts 
• Manage all sales related aspects for allocated accounts 
• Review pricing and service levels 
• Identify new sales and marketing opportunities 
• Develop product literature and sales collateral

5. Trình độ học vấn (Educational qualifications)

Ví dụ:
Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & International Business), University of Economy (1996 – 1999)
Sales Management Training – Global Web Media (Aug 2003)
New Year New Success – Organized by VietnamWorks – Ho Chi Minh City (2015)

6. Thành viên chuyên nghiệp (Professional Memberships)

Ví dụ:
Media Industry Association (Member since May 2001)
Newspaper Association of Australia (Member since 2002)

7. Người tham khảo (References)

Furnished upon request

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